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Most professional carvers are familiar with Morakniv best wood cutting tools originating in Sweden. And it is one of the wood carving tools, beginner should take a closer look at. In addition, you can use Mora 164 is a hook knife for carving out spoons, bowls, kuksas, and any other hollows and concaves. Smooth birchwood handle feels good to hold while single-edged top grade stainless steel blade is sharp enough to cut through any kind of wood. Above all that, the blade holds its edge and is not too hard to sharpen. With a total length of 6.3 inches, you can be confident your cuts never get out of control.

morakniv carving set

” internal radius that works well for spoons, refining bowls and shallow surface carvings. Its single-edged and made for right-handers making pull cuts . Christopher’s expertise in handling firearms and hunting gear are what propelled him to create the Shooting Mystery blog. He hopes for all readers to gain useful and practical knowledge for enjoying their time outdoors. Because each knife can be excellent in its own ways, it can be difficult to choose which one will be best for you. In our opinion, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose knife and want to get the safest buy, the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade is your best bet.

Best Wood Carving Tools For Beginners

Also, it contains a belt clip for you to attach and carry along. We understand there are a ton of whittling knives on the market and they can all be very similar or very different. If you are still left with a question, please leave us a comment and we will put you on the right track.

  • The blade grind or edge angle will affect cutting performance.
  • It is # 4 in wood carving tools amazon chart, which means that this best wood carving knife has already gained recognition and appraisal on the market.
  • These are just rough guidelines and will really be defined once I start carving.
  • The fire starter won’t affect your work as it just lengthens the handle a little, so don’t worry about dropping it too.

Since this was a proof-of-concept I won’t bore you with taking this all the way to a finished spoon! I was rather pleased with my first attempt at carving a spoon and the two knives included in this kit were ideal for doing the job. The hook knife created a nicely contoured bowl shape and left a surface that will require minimal sanding. The straight knife handled very nicely as well and I could get large defining cuts and small detail cuts from the same knife. If you are looking for a ‘stocking stuffer’ for yourself or a friend this holiday season, you should definitely consider the Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set. The 120 straight knife is made using laminated steel and measures 9/16″ wide and 2-3/8″ long.

What Are The Best Wood Carving Tools?

They produce a wide variety of wood carving knives made using carbon steel, stainless steel and laminated steel. The Spoon Carving Set includes the Morakniv 120 straight carving knife and the 164 hook knife. I use both sizes of the slots knives and a different style Mora hook on most of my carving projects. I am sure you know that green wood is easier for carving and I mainly use oil wax finishes. I believe it was inspired by a Peter Follansbee birch or ash bark blade cover, as I recall. Mora knife blades stay sharp as well as any other quality carving knife I’ve used.

I clamped the spoon in a vise on my bench rather than hold the spoon blank in one hand and free-hand carve with the other. I was a little nervous holding the wood in my left hand while carving with the curved-blade in my right hand. With the spoon blank clamped find out here now in place I could get some nice leverage and easily carve across the grain. You could slide along the curved edge and feel the knife edge grip the wood fibers and slice the wood as shown. It is almost like you are scooping the wood out of the bowl.

Opinel #8 Folding Knife

Strong handling and high-friction grip patterns will help you hold a knife firmly. The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel will shine best when it comes to your survival. Its design assists you in surviving through extreme conditions. This length physically provides more power and helps you tackle the most difficult tasks in the wild.

morakniv carving set

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